Toca Introduces 3-Note and 5-Note Tone Bars

Toca Tone Bars

Toca is proud to introduce the new 3-Note and 5-Note tone bars. Each tone bar is constructed from a rich sounding aluminum alloy and is affixed to a solid wood base. The bars are suspended by string over the base to maximize resonance.

Each 3-Note Tone Bar (T-TONE3 – MSRP: $48) and 5-Note Tone Bar (T-TONE5 – MSRP: $59) comes complete with a wooden mallet.

“Toca’s new Tone Bars are great for percussion setups that requires a crisp, clear bell sound,” said Victor Filonovich, Director of Product Development for Toca. “The two configurations give the player tonal flexibility in a compact space.”